The Miracle Project

Kaleigh remains curious regarding the lack of artistic opportunity in schools for children with Autism. In 2018, she came across the Miracle Project, (an inclusive theatre, social skills, and expressive arts program for kids with disabilities). The mission of The Miracle Project is to create a neurodiverse community where the voices, passions and stories of individuals are heard, elevated, and supported. Working with the Project confirmed her perspective on the importance of providing performative opportunities for all children. Her goal is to use her training and experience to foster similar environments within schools.

Kaleigh’s future with the Miracle Project include, “The Project Certification” a comprehensive training for practitioners in Hall’s “7 Keys.”

You can check out the Miracle Project and what they do by visiting their website above!

Below is a preview of a unit created by Kaleigh and implemented for a Learning Support Program class in 2017. The unit resulted in a performance by the students, which was the goal. The preview is to enlighten and foster curiosity for similar classes. Please reach out for any questions!

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