Kaleigh Osadick is a Ukrainian actor born in Winnipeg, Canada, who now lives in Vancouver, Canada. Kaleigh got her Bachelor degree in Theatre, Film, and Psychology from the University of Manitoba in 2012-2015. She later followed with a degree in Education, from the University of British Columbia in 2017-2018.

As a storyteller, Kaleigh’s earliest debut was back in 2015 where she took part in Winnipeg’s Fringe Festival. She has trained with Comedy legends such as, Howard Nemetz. (2018) Football Factory’s Frank Harper, (2020) and Sitcom trailblazer, Scott Sedita (2022). In 2019 Kaleigh stared in her first feature film with up and coming UK director, Naeem Mahmood. The film will be released in 2022. Kaleigh has appeared in many short films and commercials as of late. She has worked with brands such as, JOI Beauty and Pedrino Spritz.

Kaleigh’s most recent involvement includes Improv with The Groundlings and Principal role in an upcoming BC project titled, BC BUDS. This film will start filming in May 2022. Kaleigh is represented by Premiere Talent Management.

As an educator, Kaleigh’s philosophy is centred around inclusion. She focuses on creating equal artistic opportunities for those with disabilities, and strives to be a bridge between the Arts and the disability community. Some organizations Kaleigh has worked with include Los Angeles’, The Miracle Project, and New York’s theatre, BEAT Festival.  

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